Pierre-Emmanuel’s Corner


Pierre-Emmanuel Moingt (Tours, France, 1990) is a Humanitarian aid worker. He first studied Business and Administration. While working as a volunteer in Cambodia, he realized how much he loved travelling and started being very interested in the field of Humanitarian Aid. He then joined IFAID Institute in order to pass a Master and become a Humanitarian Projects Coordinator. Since he graduated, he has worked with different NGOs in Cambodia, Jordan, South-Sudan, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo. He reads a lot, explores film photography and documentary filmmaking. Together with his friend Tania, he created the No Boundaries Blog where they publish articles on their travels and work.

CV_2 MOINGT, Pierre-Emmanuel. Cambodia Black and White (HCH 4)

CV_2 MOINGT, Pierre-Emmanuel. Exploring the North of Thailand / Exploration du nord de la Thaïlande (HCH 6)

(Waiting for the time to pass, Pierre-Emmanuel Moingt, Siem Reap, Cambodia)


HCH 6: gratis, interesante, filosófico, sano y poético / HCH 6: free, interesting, philosophical, healthy & poetic

¡Ya podéis devorar el sexto número de HCH! HCH 6 incluye artículos interesantísimos de Víctor Bermúdez Torres, Jordi Claramonte, David Cerdá, Manuel Fraijó, Tussah Heera (en inglés), Ángel Repáraz, E. Randol Schoenberg (en inglés), Juan Guillermo Tejeda y Antonia Tejeda Barros, bellas y desgarradoras poesías de Delia Aguiar Baixauli y Cristina Martínez Chueca, fotos maravillosas de Tailandia de Tania Shybko (con texto en inglés y francés de Tania y Pierre-Emmanuel Moingt) y una receta exquisita de Eyal Streett (en inglés). ¡Gratis, interesante, filosófico, sano y poético!: HCH 6 / Septiembre 2015

Get ready to devour the sixth issue of HCH! HCH 6 includes super interesting articles by Víctor Bermúdez Torres (in Spanish), Jordi Claramonte (in Spanish), David Cerdá (in Spanish), Manuel Fraijó (in Spanish), Tussah Heera (in English), Ángel Repáraz (in Spanish), E. Randol Schoenberg (in English), Juan Guillermo Tejeda (in Spanish) and Antonia Tejeda Barros (in Spanish), beautiful and painful poems by Delia Aguiar Baixauli and Cristina Martínez Chueca (in Spanish), awesome photos of Thailand by Tania Shybko (with text in English and French by Tania & Pierre-Emmanuel Moingt), and an exquisite recipe by Eyal Streett (in English). Free, interesting, philosophical, healthy & poetic!: HCH 6 / September 2015