Jared’s Articles

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Question of Uniqueness (HCH 12)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. Reflections on Warsaw (HCH 13)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. Eichmann and the “Banality of Evil”, Jared Sorhaindo (HCH 14)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. Some Misconceptions about the Holocaust (HCH 15)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Crows of Majdanek (HCH 16)


(The gatehouse at Auschwitz-Birkenau, taken from outside of the camp. Photo by Jared Sorhaindo, Auschwitz, October 4, 2014)