Jared’s Corner


Jared Sorhaindo (Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1986) has an MA in International Relations and International Economics from the School of Advanced International Studies at The Johns Hopkins University. He has a keen interest in 20th century European and Middle Eastern history, particularly Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Central-Eastern Europe, and Israel. A resident of Washington, D.C., Sorhaindo volunteers at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. He enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, sports, and learning languages. He blogs about historical topics at Al-Zilzal.

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Question of Uniqueness (HCH 12)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. Reflections on Warsaw (HCH 13)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. Eichmann and the “Banality of Evil”, Jared Sorhaindo (HCH 14)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. Some Misconceptions about the Holocaust (HCH 15)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Crows of Majdanek (HCH 16)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Warsaw Ghetto: A Narrative and Reflection (HCH 17)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. Heydrich: The Hangman (HCH 18)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Twin Denials of Anti-Semitism (HCH 19)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Significance of the Wannsee Conference (HCH 20)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Myth of the “Żydokomuna”: Its Origins and Impact (HCH 21)



(The gatehouse at Auschwitz-Birkenau, taken from outside of the camp. Photo by Jared Sorhaindo, Auschwitz, October 4, 2014)