Haiti: Smiles

HCH-3-JE-SUIS-CHARLIE HCH 3 / March 2015

Haiti: Smiles, by Tania Shybko

First published on the No Boundaries Blog, October 12, 2014

In 2012, I spent 6 months in Haiti working with a humanitarian aid organization. I fell in love with this country and its people almost straight away and was stricken by its diversity and cultural richness. During the months spent there, I had an opportunity to travel to several parts of Haiti and discover the difference between the North and the South, between the rural and the urban areas, to go beyond the common stereotypes that one can have on Haiti and to exchange smiles with the Haitian people: smiles that were sometimes sad, sometimes pensive, sometimes barely perceptible, sometimes radiant and happy… but almost always very sincere and heart-warming.

Coquetry. Arcahaie, Haiti

Coquetry (Arcahaie, Haiti)

A play of shadows. Aquin, Haiti

A play of shadows (Aquin, Haiti)

Attraction. Ile-à-Vache, Haiti

Attraction (Ile-à-Vache, Haiti)


A touch of red. Furcy, Haiti

A touch of red (Furcy, Haiti)


Care. Furcy, Haiti

Care (Furcy, Haiti)

Radiance. Ile-à-Vache, Haiti

Radiance (Ile-à-Vache, Haiti)


Closeness. Furcy, Haiti

Closeness (Fury, Haiti)


Curiosity. Ile-à-Vache, Haiti

Curiosity (Ile-à-Vache, Haiti)


Friendship. Furcy, Haiti

Friendship (Furcy, Haiti)


Optimism. Saut d'Eau, Haiti

Optimism (Saut d’Eau, Haiti)


Modesty. Aquin, Haiti

Modesty (Aquin, Haiti)


Hilarity. Ile-à-Vache, Haiti

Hilarity (Ile-à-Vache, Haiti)


Sisterhood. Aquin, Haiti

Sisterhood (Aquin, Haiti)

 Straightforwardness. Ile-à-Vache, Haiti

Straightforwardness (Ile-à-Vache, Haiti)


Sparkling eyes. Furcy, Haiti

Sparkling eyes (Furcy, Haity)


Shyness. Furcy, Haiti

Shyness (Furcy, Haiti)

Sprightliness. Ile-à-Vache, Haiti

Sprightliness (Ile-à-Vache, Haiti)

 Confusion. Ile-à-Vache, Haiti

Confusion (Ile-à-Vache, Haiti)

HCH-TANIA-SHYBKO-PHOTO-CV Photos & text by Tania Shybko, Minsk, February 2015

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