Three Cold Soups That Will Help You Get Through the Summer

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Three Cold Soups That Will Help You Get Through the Summer, by Eyal Streett


Welcome back, HCH fans!

Summer is here (At least in the Northern Hemisphere)

With summer comes heat… I still love the heat, but it’s getting harder to deal with as the years pass by… Truth is a nice refreshing cold soup could hit the spot. In this article I’m going to ignore the wonderful gazpacho, maybe keeping it for future HCH, who knows.

For the Southern Hemisphere readers, you could make a hot Borscht soup, for example; the same recipe I include here would give you a basic hot soup.

I just had these three soups for lunch, having the orange soup for desert. But it could still be served at the beginning of the meal, although it is a bit sweet. Many people prefer fruit at the beginning of a meal, my wife being just one of many examples.

OK, enough of that… let’s cook!

Tarator (cold yogurt and cucumber soup)



Serves 4

500 grams Greek (Balkan) style yogurt

2 small cucumbers (or 1 large)

1 – 2 garlic cloves (I used 3 today, too much for my wife & kids)

2 handfuls walnuts

half an espresso cup of water

1 handful fresh herbs (preferably dill, but chives or even mint will do the job)

1 drizzle of olive oil

salt to taste

1 ice-cube per serving (optional)


It’s a very straightforward recipe:

Cut the cucumbers into fine cubes and set aside.

Chop the walnuts and set aside.

Chop the dill (I couldn’t get dill today so I used chives) and set aside.

Take your yogurt and put it in a large mixing bowl, or if you have a blender then put it in the blender. Mince the garlic (I use a garlic press) and add to the yogurt. Mix well together, preferably with a blender. Add water and mix again.

Add cucumbers, walnuts and herbs. Taste and add salt if needed.

Serve as cold as possible and add and ice cube to every serving. Drizzle some oil on top of every serving.

Cold Borscht (beetroot soup)



Serves 6-8

2.5 liter water / vegetable broth

4 beetroots (either fresh or cooked)

5 Tbsp. brown sugar

2 lemons

salt to taste

Parsley (optional garnish)

half – 1 hard-boiled egg per serving (optional)


Boil the water / broth in a pot.

*When using fresh beetroot: wash and peel. Cut beetroot in half and then slice into 3cm thick slices. Add to water or broth, bring to a boil and let it boil for another 30–40 minutes.

*When using cooked/canned beetroot: Make sure the beetroot is peeled. If it isn’t then first peel it. Cut beetroot in half and then slice into 3cm thick slices. Add to water or broth once it’s boiling and let it boil for another 10–15 minutes.

Put the pot aside and let the soup cool down for about 15 minutes.

Take the beetroot slices and put them in your blender. Add some of the liquid to the blender. Add the sugar. Blend well for at least 1 minute.

Take your lemons and extract juice out of both lemons, add to blend and blend for a few more seconds. Mix it back in the pot with the rest of the liquids, let it cool down and then leave it in the refrigerator (overnight is a good idea).

Serve cold, garnish with 1 or 2 halves of a hard-boiled egg and sprinkle some chopped parsley on top.

Orange Soup


Serves 6-8


1.5 liter water

4 apricots

1 peach

6 oranges

1 lemon

8 Tbsp. sugar (I use brown)

2 Tbsp. corn flour

2 Tbsp. water

blackberries (4 per serving)

raspberries (4 per serving)


Put water in a pot. Pit and separate your apricots in halves and cut your peach in chunks (discard the pit). Add them to the pot. Bring water to boil and let it keep on boiling for another 30 minutes. Meanwhile take your oranges. Finely grate the peel off 2 of your oranges and set aside. Extract juice out of all of your oranges and lemon and set aside.

Once the apricots and peach boiled for long enough (at least 30 minutes), take them out of the water, let them cool down and keep them in the refrigerator until the serving.

Add the sugar, juice and the fine zest to the water, bring to a boil and keep boiling on a medium-high flame for 10 minutes.

Mix well your corn flour with 2 Tbsp. of water in a small bowl. Slowly add to soup and stir from time to time, keep it boiling on a medium flame for another 10-15 minutes.

Set aside and let it cool down. Then refrigerate until cold (preferably overnight).

Serve cold with some of your cooked and refrigerated apricot and peach. Add the berries.

If you’re serving this as a dessert you could add some whipped cream on top.


So, I hope you get to make these great soups. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them and I know they’ll make your hot days feel just a bit cooler!

Take it easy and keep on cooking!

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS Eyal Streett, Madrid, July 2017