Dudi’s Photos

YIFRACH, David. Animals of Jerusalem and the Judean Desert (HCH 5)

 YIFRACH, David. Birds, a Mouse, a Crab, a Goat, and a Camel from Israel (HCH 7)

 YIFRACH, David. Air & Land (HCH 10)

 YIFRACH, David. Air & Land (II) (HCH 12)

 YIFRACH, David. Green, Brown, and Other Colors (HCH 13)

 YIFRACH, David. Yellow, Grey, White, and Other Colors (HCH 14)

 YIFRACH, David. A Fox, A Nutria, Two Birds, and Three Rats (HCH 15)

(Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis) on a camel’s head (Camelus dromedarius), by David Yifrach, Almog, Judean Desert, Israel, 2016)