In the Capital of Cambodia

HCH-9-LOGO-JIANGYN-RD HCH 9 / March 2016

In the Capital of Cambodia, by Tania Shybko

During our visit in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, we spent lots of time walking along the Tonlé Sap river which crosses the city, observing people and chatting with them, taking photos and simply enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the riverside.

We also took the time to pay a tribute to the recent Cambodian history, and more specifically to the Khmer Rouge period, by visiting the S-21 Museum in the center of Phnom Penh (a former prison  where around 16,000 people were detained and tortured), as well as the so-called Killing Fields where mass killings of the prisoners were performed.

As there are several big markets in Phnom Penh, we spent some time enjoying their lively atmosphere.

We also assisted at a music and dance performance by Cambodian artists which presented local traditions and customs related to all the key moments of life: birth, marriage, death…

Of course, we also visited Phnom Penh’s temples and parks… and, obviously, in order to move around the capital, we jumped from one “tuk-tuk”, a vehicle often used for transport in several Asian countries, to another!

phnom-penh_00_At the Royal Palacephnom-penh_01_On the quay of Tongle Sap riverphnom-penh_10_Silhouettesphnom-penh_07_At the night marketphnom-penh_03_At the Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocidephnom-penh_02_A glancephnom-penh_08_Green eyesphnom-penh_05_In a tuk-tukphnom-penh_06_The living shadowsphnom-penh_09_Exchanging smiles

I. At the Royal Palace, Phnom Penh

II. On the quay of Tonlé Sap river, Phnom Penh

III. Silhouettes, Phnom Penh

IV. At the night market, Phnom Penh

V. At the Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocide, Phnom Penh

VI. A glance, Phnom Penh

VII. Green eyes, Phnom Penh

VIII. In a tuk-tuk, Phnom Penh

IX. The living shadows, Phnom Penh

X. Exchanging smiles, Phnom Penh

HCH-TANIA-SHYBKO-PHOTO-CV Photos & text by Tania Shybko, Cambodia, February 23, 2015

Originally published on No Boundaries on February 23, 2015