A Fox, A Nutria, Two Birds, and Three Rats

hch-15-cervantes HCH 15 / March 2017

A Fox, A Nutria, Two Birds, and Three Rats, by David Yifrach

Vulpes vulpes - Red fox in Horkania - Yehuda dezertOenanthe leucopyga - White-crowned Wheatear in Levels valley - Yehuda dezertMyocastor coypus – Nutria in Soreq valley - Yehuda mountainsSardinian Warbler in aharazim valley - Yehuda mountains - Sylvia melanocephalaPsammomys obesus terrasanctae - Fat Sand Rat pups in Mishmar Walley - Yehuda dezert

I. Red Fox / Vulpes vulpes. Horkania, Judaean Desert, Israel

II. White-crowned Wheather / Oenanthe leucopyga. Levels Valley, Judaean Desert, Israel

III. Nutria. Myocastor coypus. Soreq Valley, Judaean Mountains, Israel

IV. Sardinian Warbler. Sylvia melanocephala. Aharazim Valley, Judaean Mountains, Israel

V. Fat Sand Rat / Psammomys obesus terrasanctae. Mishmar, Israel

d dudi picture26_n David Yifrach, Israel, 2017

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