Jennifer’s Articles

HCH-3-jennifer-prestholdt PRESTHOLDT, Jennifer. Je suis Charlie & The Right to Freedom of Expression (HCH 3)

HCH-3-jennifer-prestholdt PRESTHOLDT, Jennifer. All our SPCS family are safe (HCH 5)

HCH-3-jennifer-prestholdt PRESTHOLDT, Jennifer. Rainbow Looming: Our Way To Gender Equality (HCH 7)

HCH-3-jennifer-prestholdt PRESTHOLDT, Jennifer. Anti-LGBTI Discrimination Harms Efforts to Fight HIV/AIDS (HCH 8)

HCH-3-jennifer-prestholdt PRESTHOLDT, Jennifer. Maya Angelou. A Brave and Startling Truth (HCH 10)

HCH-3-jennifer-prestholdt PRESTHOLDT, Jennifer. How Trump’s Executive Order Harms Refugees (HCH 15)


(First grade student at SPCS, Sankhu-Palubari Community School, Jennifer Prestholdt, Nepal, 2015)