Quesadillas with Shakshuka

10 HCH 1 / Noviembre 2014

Quesadillas with Shakshuka, by Eyal Streett

This is the first recipe I’m sharing with you, but hopefully it won’t be the last. This first recipe (ever) is a simple recipe that would be ideal for brunch or a late breakfast (but it could obviously work for any time of the day). Last week my family and I moved to a new flat and had no space and no time to cook or eat properly. We had to either pack or unpack and the little pleasures of life were ignored. In these conditions I came up with this recipe. It’s a combination of cultures and I believe this combination gives a great result!

A dish that gives you lots of energy and therefore would be great for beginning the day (but you could actually have it any time). It can also impress your new girlfriend / boyfriend, or make your kids happy on a weekend morning (especially Shakshuka express), so… welcome to this voyage! I really hope you enjoy these recipes and I hope you can comment on them and share your tips with all of us.

In an ideal world I’d recommend fresh homemade tortillas as well as homemade ghee, but anything will do for the time being. Hopefully with time I’ll add some of these basic recipes so that you’ll always be able to cook exquisite recipes using as many homemade products as possible.

Let’s cook! And eat!

Ingredients for 2 servings

3 eggs

1 big tomato (or 2 medium – sized tomatoes)

1 garlic clove

3 – 5 cm long piece of ginger

2 tbsp. ghee (or 2 tbsp. of any vegetable oil)

Your favorite sausage (cut) / a few slices of your favorite cold cut (optional, not needed for the vegetarian version of this recipe)

1 chili pepper or more, if you like your food spicy (optional)

The leaves of 6 stems of coriander (toss the stems)

1 avocado (ripe)

1 lime cut in half

1 spring onion

4 Mexican tortillas

1/2 tsp. of paprika (or, even better, old bay)

Black pepper


Grated cheese


  1. Chop the tomato, garlic and ginger. It’s easier to use a hand blender and make a sauce, but you could also simply chop it up finely.
  2. Heat the ghee in a pan (high flame).
  3. When the ghee turns into liquid and is hot add the sliced sausage (if you want to add one) and 2 minutes later add the tomato sauce you just made. Stir the sauce once in a while.
  4. 2 minutes later add the sliced cold cuts (if you’re planning on adding them), the paprika, the salt and pepper (amount is up to you). Stir the sauce for 1 minute and reduce the heat to medium.
  5. Take the eggs and add them to the sauce in the following method: crack an egg open and start separating the egg yolk from the egg white just over the pan so that the egg white falls into the sauce. Once you’re left with only the egg yolk make a small hole in the sauce and gently leave the egg yolk in that space. Repeat this with all eggs, you’ll get the hang of it by the time you’re on your third egg, I promise.
  1. Reduce the fire to medium-low, cover the pan and wait 8 minutes or until the egg whites are fully cooked.
  2. Meanwhile prepare the remaining elements: a) First chop the chili pepper with half of the coriander leaves and the juice of half a lime (easier with a hand blender or small food processor, but easy enough to do by hand). Put the sauce aside. b) Next chop the onion very fine. c) Last chop the rest of the coriander leaves, add the avocado and lime juice and smash it all with a fork (you could add some salt if you fancy).
  1. Check the eggs, if they’re all cooked turn off the flame and keep the eggs covered. Our Shakshuka is ready!!!
  2. Heat another pan.
  3. Add a tortilla and heat it on both sides turning from one side to the other every 20 seconds or so until it seems ready (if you prefer your tortilla crunchy leave it on for longer).
  4. Place the tortilla on a plate, add a 1/4 of the Shakshuka, some spring onion, spicy sauce, avocado and grated cheese. Close the tortilla (fold it in half or roll it up) and serve. Repeat for all remaining tortillas.

Enjoy your meal!


Quesadillas with Shakshuka / Photo by Eyal Streett


The Shakshuka eggs / Photo by Eyal Streett

The Shakshuka express version

To prepare the Shakshuka express we use the same ingredients as in the original recipe, but the order in which we use them is a bit different. We scramble the eggs and don’t need to wait much for them to cook.


  1. Prepare and chop everything before getting out your pan (steps 1 and 7 of the original recipe).
  2. When everything is prepared we go on with steps 2 – 4 of the original recipe.
  3. Break the eggs in the pan and stir together for 2 minutes
  4. Reduce the fire to low. The Shakshuka express is ready.
  5. Follow steps 9 – 11 of the original recipe.


The Shakshuka express eggs / Photo by Itay Streett Tejeda

The vegan option

For the vegan variation we substitute the eggs with mushrooms. I use either boletus mushrooms (3 medium sized mushrooms) or champignons (8 – 10 mushrooms).

We also must substitute the ghee with a vegetable oil.

We don’t add cheese, but we could add some agar seaweed.


  1. Soak a handful of agars in warm water.
  2. Peel and cut the mushrooms.
  3. Make the tomato sauce (step 1 of the original recipe).
  4. Heat up the oil in a pan.
  5. Add the mushrooms to the pan. Fry for 2 minutes.
  6. Add the tomato sauce and stir together for 2 minutes.
  7. Reduce the fire to low, add the agar seaweed and cover the pan.
  8. Prepare all other elements (step 7 of the original recipe).
  9. Warm up the tortillas, fill them (without the cheese) and serve them (steps 9 – 11 of the original recipe).


The vegan option / Photo by Eyal Streett

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS Eyal Streett, Madrid – Budapest, November 2014