Eyal’s Corner


Eyal Streett (Jerusalem, 1978) has been cooking ever since he can remember. He started as an assistant in the home kitchen, adding butter to pancakes, he then tried making some birthday cakes (disaster). He continued as a cook in cafes and bars in his native Jerusalem. Later on he learned the art of student cooking in The Hague, the Netherlands, before moving to Spain. He travels often and is influenced by most kitchens around the world. He studied historical bassoon with Donna Agrell at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (BA), and with Alberto Grazzi at the Scuola Civica di Milano (MA). He plays regularly with Freiburger BarokorchesterLes Talens Lyriques and Rubato Appassionato. He enjoys eating food, especially hummus. This is his first attempt in sharing his recipes with other people.

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Quesadillas with Shakshuka (HCH 1)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. 3 Essentials in the Kitchen (HCH 2)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Hummus in tahina with fresh baked pita (HCH 3)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Lemon Meringue Pie (HCH 4)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Pancakes with shrimps (HCH 5)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Eggplant Delights (HCH 6)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Caramel Cheesecake (HCH 7)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Upgraded pita in a pan (surprises included) (HCH 8)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Buttermilk pancakes with super delicious toppings (HCH 10)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. The Big Luxurious Summer Salad (HCH 11)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Tabbouleh Salad (HCH 12)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Antonia’s Bomb (HCH 13)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Tuna in saffron-coconut milk served with crushed semolina cookies (HCH 14)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Triangles: sweet or salty (HCH 15)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Stir Fry Vegetables with a Touch of Whisky (HCH 16)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Three Cold Soups That Will Help You Get Through the Summer (HCH 17)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Honey Cake: Wishing You A Happy New Jewish Year (HCH 18)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Happy 3rd birthday, HCH! Apple Pie With Cookie Candles (HCH 19)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Dosa with Potatoes or Grilled Eggplants (HCH 20)

a-yally-dalit-3-PRECIOSOS STREETT, Eyal. Medieval winter meal, by Eyal Streett (HCH 21)

(Hummus with chickpeas, by Eyal Streett, Madrid–Amsterdam, February 2015)