Dudi’s Corner

David Yifrach (Jerusalem, 1961) loves nature, hiking, animals and travelling. He is very fond of the wild and likes to take photos of birds, reptiles and mammals all over Israel, but especially in the Judean Desert. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and his four wonderful children.

YIFRACH, David. Animals of Jerusalem and the Judean Desert (HCH 5)

 YIFRACH, David. Birds, a Mouse, a Crab, a Goat, and a Camel from Israel (HCH 7)

 YIFRACH, David. Air & Land (HCH 10)

 YIFRACH, David. Air & Land (II) (HCH 12)

 YIFRACH, David. Green, Brown, and Other Colors (HCH 13)

 YIFRACH, David. Yellow, Grey, White, and Other Colors (HCH 14)

 YIFRACH, David. A Fox, A Nutria, Two Birds, and Three Rats (HCH 15)

(Common Myna on a camel’s head, by David Yifrach, Almog, Judean Desert, Israel, 2016)