HCH 21 / Filosofía y arte gratis para estos días lluviosos / Free Philosophy & Art for these rainy days


¡Ya podéis devorar el número 21 de HCH! Con maravillas filosóficas y artísticas de David Cerdá, Manuel Fraijó, Tussah Heera, Juan Antonio Negrete Alcudia, Ángel Repáraz, Jared Sorhaindo, Eyal Streett y Antonia Tejeda Barros, citas de Woody Allen y música de Prokofiev.

HAZ UNA PAUSA, RELÁJATE Y LÉELO AQUÍ (es gratis, bajo en colesterol y bueno para el corazón)


Get ready to devour the 20th issue of HCH! With philosophical & artistic jewels by David Cerdá, Manuel Fraijó, Tussah Heera, Juan Antonio Negrete Alcudia, Ángel Repáraz, Jared Sorhaindo, Eyal Streett, and Antonia Tejeda Barros, quotes by Woody Allen and music by Prokofiev.

HAVE A BREAK, RELAX, AND READ IT HERE (it’s free, low in cholesterol and good for your heart)


Jared’s Corner


Jared Sorhaindo (Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1986) has an MA in International Relations and International Economics from the School of Advanced International Studies at The Johns Hopkins University. He has a keen interest in 20th century European and Middle Eastern history, particularly Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Central-Eastern Europe, and Israel. A resident of Washington, D.C., Sorhaindo volunteers at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. He enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, sports, and learning languages. He blogs about historical topics at Al-Zilzal.

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Question of Uniqueness (HCH 12)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. Reflections on Warsaw (HCH 13)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. Eichmann and the “Banality of Evil”, Jared Sorhaindo (HCH 14)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. Some Misconceptions about the Holocaust (HCH 15)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Crows of Majdanek (HCH 16)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Warsaw Ghetto: A Narrative and Reflection (HCH 17)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. Heydrich: The Hangman (HCH 18)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Twin Denials of Anti-Semitism (HCH 19)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Significance of the Wannsee Conference (HCH 20)

hch-jared-photo-bw SORHAINDO, Jared. The Myth of the “Żydokomuna”: Its Origins and Impact (HCH 21)



(The gatehouse at Auschwitz-Birkenau, taken from outside of the camp. Photo by Jared Sorhaindo, Auschwitz, October 4, 2014)