HCH 19 / ¡HCH cumple 3 añitos! / HCH turns 3!


¡Ya podéis devorar el 19º número de HCH! Con maravillas filosóficas y artísticas de Víctor Bermúdez Torres, David Cerdá, Tussah Heera, Juan Antonio Negrete Alcudia, Ángel Repáraz, Jared Sorhaindo, Eyal Streett, Antonia Tejeda Barros y Mª Cruz Wesolowski, citas de Nietzsche y fotos de Woody Allen.

HAZ UNA PAUSA, RELÁJATE Y LÉELO AQUÍ (es gratis, bajo en colesterol y bueno para el corazón)


Get ready to devour the 19th issue of HCH! With philosophical & artistic jewels by Víctor Bermúdez Torres, David Cerdá, Tussah Heera, Juan Antonio Negrete Alcudia, Ángel Repáraz, Jared Sorhaindo, Eyal Streett, Antonia Tejeda Barros, and Mª Cruz Wesolowski, quotes by Nietzsche and photos of Woody Allen.

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Tussah’s Corner



Tussah Heera (Kuala Lumpur, 1995) is a concert pianist, composer, and blogger. Her musical journey began in London, improvising on a single-octave digital keyboard at age 2. A winner of numerous competition and scholarships, she has been commended in concert reviews for her “dazzling virtuosity”, “consummate artistry” and “evident poise and natural ease with the piano”. Her solo debut in Nassau, Bahamas in 2014 was described as a “veritable tour-de-force”. In the spring of 2017, she graduated from the Glenn Gould School of Music in Toronto, with a Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance. On her blog, Tussah and the Wolf, Tussah rambles about her musical and philosophical observations. A self-proclaimed “radical freedomist”, she can often be found mocking ideologues and pretentiously quoting Nietzsche. In whatever is left of her spare time, Tussah enjoys listening to Rihanna, Radiohead, and the Beatles.



TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. On Serialism, Babies, and Arrogant Assholes (HCH 4) 


TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. Doom, Gloom, and Hyperbolic Pessimism (HCH 6)

TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. Let’s Face It: Most Historical Figures Were Probably Jerks (HCH 7)

TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. An Interesting Balance (HCH 8)

TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. Keeping the score (HCH 9)

TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. Skinned alive (HCH 10)

TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. My conversation with Donald Trump (HCH 11)

TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. All is fair in art and context, by Tussah Heera (HCH 12)

TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. Some introspection on a (very) lazy Sunday (HCH 13)

TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. Finding freedom in eternal dependence (HCH 14)

TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. Fahrenheit 111: Why we should hate Beethoven’s last sonata (HCH 17)

TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. The Bullshit Vaccine, or How the Dumb Inherited the Earth (HCH 18)

TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. Let’s make tomatoes great again (HCH 19)

TUSSAH-HEERA-PHOTO-CV HEERA, Tussah. Why We Should All Be More Selfish (HCH 21)

(Ceci n’est pas Muhammad, by Tussah Heera, Toronto, 2015)