Coco’s & Miki’s Corner

Miki Carmi (Jerusalem, 1976) was born to a government official and a compulsive book collector. As a teenager he had few short careers including early music entrepreneur, long jumper and shotokan warrior. In his early 20’s he devoted himself to the art of painting and ended up in NYC with his lifetime project of painting over and over the same painting. He studied at the Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts, Jerusalem (1998–2002) and at the MFA Columbia University, NY (2003–2005). His latest project includes a collaboration with his wife the performance artist Tamy Ben-Tor, which was shown world-wide in Galleries and Museums.

CARMI. Miki. Eros and Thanatos: The Paintings of Miki Carmi, by Coco Fusco (HCH 5)

(Big Mom by Miki Carmi, 2013, Oil on Canvas, 143 cm x 110 cm)